Fall Is Hoodie Season!

Merry Christmas Dom!

Merry Christmas Dom!


I miss you more.

Thank you so much for making this past semester the best. I've enjoyed all of the memories that we've created together, shoutout SAN JUANN, shoutout MIAMI, shoutout FORT LAUDYYY, shoutout NYC, big shoutout PHILLLAYYY! You certainly know how to have fun, but what I like even more about you is that you've taught me how to blend having a lot of fun with getting work done... and of course your goofiness! :)

I'll forever miss "yo dat- i-" and Dom & Add against the world (Philly Edition), but I'm looking so forward to creating new memories with you! I love the bond that we've built, and can't wait to continue to grow with you.

Since you like Ramen so much now lol, I thought a go-to DomRam(en) bowl would be cool. If you ever get tired of Ramen, the bowl also holds cereal and milk... and get this... cookie dough ice cream too! Hahahaha! Sorry it couldn’t be more grand. 

Miss you.

See you soon!

Merry Christmas!