Fall Is Hoodie Season!

收藏: Desi Edition

Designed by Pakistani native, Fatima Baig, this Sista of Liberty is wearing clothing from a blend of cultures within Pakistan. She wears the national dress of Pakistan, the “shalwar qameez” (shirt and loose pants) as well as a skirt, both of which are worn in many different styles according to one’s ethnic background. The skirt is also customary in many cultures outside of Pakistan. The piece of garment hanging on the shoulder is called "dupatta". Using it to cover head is ones personal choice. The pattern used on the dupatta is "ajrak" from "sindh" which is another province of Pakistan. The background of the design is inspired by Pakistani Truck Art.


10% of profit made from Desi Ed. Merch is donated to the Thaakat Foundation's DREAMS Project, a project dedicated to building educational and healthcare centers in Pakistan. (thaakatfoundation.org)


Merch available in Black, White, and Pink!