Fall Is Hoodie Season!

收藏: Boricua Edition

Designed by Puerto Rican native, Abraham Cecilio, this Sista Of Liberty is wearing a Puerto-Rican-flag-inspired Plena and Bomba (traditional clothes made for dancing to African rhythms). This dress also features small hibiscus flowers, which are common to the island. The arched text “Borinquen hija del mar y el sol” is a verse of the Puerto Rican national anthem, that translates to Borinquen, daughter of the sea and sun. The brick door frame represents the Spanish architecture seen in Viejo San Juan, and the symbols on the brick are from the indigenous Taíno people. Behind this Sista is the popular landmark, the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a fortress made by the Spaniards to defend the island from invaders.


10% of profit made from Boricua Ed. Merch is donated to Profamilias Puerto Rico, an organization whose mission is to offer reproductive and sexual health services to women in Puerto Rico. (profamiliaspr.org)


Merch available in Black, White, and Blue!