Fall Is Hoodie Season!

Colección: Our Country Too Limited Edition

Designed by visual and performing artist, Brianna Pippens, this Sista Of Liberty is sporting a “VOTE” t-shirt, urging her peers to get out and vote with fierce urgency in the upcoming election. Her ripped jeans feature a kente-cloth trim to pay homage to her African ancestry; and the raised-fists design on her jeans is a salute to the ongoing protests against racial injustice. 

This Sista also is rocking braids with cowrie shells. Cowrie shells have served various purposes in many West African cultures, such as for currency and jewelry. An ankh necklace, the ancient Egyptian symbol for life, hangs around her neck.

In lieu of the traditional Statue of Liberty tablet, she holds a protest sign that says, “Our Country Too,” a phrase that we coined to celebrate the significant contribution people of color have made to building this country—both before and since its inception. Lastly, instead of holding a torch, this Sista’s raised fist illuminates the sky and lights the way, symbolizing the pivotal leadership role Black women have played in the fight for racial and gender equality. She raises her fist in support of her fellow Sistas and brothas who have historically been the subjects of systemic oppression. She will not stand for it. This is Her Country Too.

In the background is an American flag. However, the signature faces of Brianna’s work stand in place of the flag’s stars. The faces work in unison with the raised fists, of all different skin colors, at the bottom of the design to emphasize our message that the movement toward justice and equity is all encompassing. We will continue to raise our voices—and our fists—until there is “Liberty and Justice for All” because this is Our Country Too.


10% of net proceeds made from our limited edition design will be donated to the Loveland Foundation (@thelovelandfoundation), an organization that empowers communities of color by prioritizing opportunity, access, validation and healing (thelovelandfoundation.org). We will specifically be donating to the Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund in order to help them in their effort to offer free therapy sessions for Black women and girls.