Fall Is Hoodie Season!

Colección: Chinese New Year Edition

Designed by the talented Felicity Tse, this Sista is royalty from the Golden Age and most prosperous era of Ancient China – the Tang Dynasty. This dynasty saw advancements in technology, literature, engineering, and the arts as well as China’s first and only female emperor.

This Sista Of Liberty wears a hanfu (silk robe under a pleated skirt) which was a traditional dress worn by the Han Chinese people. The height of one’s rank was dependent on the dress’s decoration and wideness of the sleeves. The floral pattern on her skirt represents the flourishing of women in power, prosperity, and life during that time in Ancient China. Flowers also represent love, fortune and harmony.

She also wears white powder makeup made from rice flour. Pigments from bright flowers are used to create her blush, lipstick, and the floral pattern in between the eyebrows, another popular trend at the time.

The background of this piece was inspired by landscape paintings called 山水shanshui (mountain water), which were painted to capture a certain emotion or atmosphere. Chinese landscape painters at the time were concentrated capturing the rhythm of nature.

10% of profit will be donated to The China US Women's Foundation, an organization whose mission is to support women in China and the US through social medicine, arts, gender equality and education initiatives.