Fall Is Hoodie Season!

Mandy Wagnac's Sista Of Liberty

“My favorite part of every day used to be driving around with my mom. I would barrage her with questions like “Mama, why is the sky blue?” “Mama, how come the moon is only big sometimes?” “Ma, ma, ma, ma....” she answered the questions she had the patience to, but by question 136289 of everyday her only response would be “I don’t know” and I would always reply with “please Mama, know it so I can know it too.

My mom bought me an encyclopedia set and every dictionary she could get a hold of. Every question was now met with a swift “look it up then tell me about it.” She rewarded my curiosity with a newfound access to knowledge and fueled this desire in me to learn as much as I could so she could know it too. These days, I drive my mom around, and it’s still my favorite part of the day. She’s the one who asks me questions now, and it always makes me so happy to be able to give an answer.”
-Mandy Wagnac

Columbia University

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